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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not what's it's cracked up to be

It was a great feeling today to get all my bills paid for the month!

I don't know about you, but January can be a tough month financially. Basically, it all boils down to paying for Christmas past. Plus, when you add the trip to Bolivia I'll be leaving for on Thursday (stay tuned for daily blogs from Bolivia!!!) and other beginning of the year expenses our family has since my car insurance, life insurance, etc etc etc are all due in January or February ... it's not the time for unexpected expenses! (Thank goodness we don't have to buy diapers anymore!)

So, you can imagine how I felt when a rock (not a pebble or a stone ... a ROCK) flew up from the truck in front of me while driving and struck the windshield of our Sunfire.

I did what any of us would do - look for the chip that indicates repairs are necessary. I didn't see a chip - what I saw, was a full fledged crack.

WHY GOD! I was feeling so good about getting everything in order, I didn't have the money to replace our windshield. At least if it were a chip, we could get that repaired, but a crack!

Then, my mind starts wondering ... "What did I do?" I know I've been tithing. I'm not perfect, but I couldn't see why God would be punishing me this way. But, instead of getting all upset, I figure it will all work out, and I just hope that the crack doesn't get any bigger right away so I can at least wait 2 weeks before it needs replacing.

I start rubbing the crack. Sure enough - I feel the ridge. I hadn't seen the crack before - now, it's there. I rub some more - and again. It's coming off! It wasn't a crack afterall!

Honestly, I never saw it before - and then it's there - and then it feels like a crack - and then I can wipe it off.


None-the-less, I noted a couple of things this afternoon because of this 'non-incident'. Firstly, I'm disappointed that one of my earliest reactions was to think that God was out to get me in some way. God isn't like that - I know it - yet I still thought it. God forgive me! And secondly, I recalled how I didn't dwell on it and didn't get upset like I would have a few years ago. I guess I am walking by faith and trusting God more than I used to. Thank you God!

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