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Thursday, June 28, 2007

so ....

so - i had this idea to start a blog that would a place for me to write stuff. i had the idea back in January. :( HOW DO YOU START SOMETHING LIKE THIS???? i keep waiting for something monumental to happen so i can start my blog, but then feel if i start too BIG, i'll never be able to maintain momentum. but, when my day is relatively boring (never completely boring when you have a job like i have and 3 kids - but you get my drift, i'm sure) - then i have nothing to write!

so - i had a flash of brilliance that i knew would break my conundrum. JUST SIT DOWN AND WRITE!

so - here i am. nothing particularly interesting to say. no nugget of insight. no momentus event on the horizon.

HEY ... WAIT A SEC! i DO have something to say! i'm already feeling GREAT about getting this blog started, and all it took was a little self-kick-in-the-pants!!!! perhaps if i stopped overanalyzing the other "To-Do's" in my life, but just sat down and started (even if i don't know how to start or where the finish line is), i'd not only accomplish more, but feel better about myself?!?!

so - there ya go! my 1st installment in what will hopefully be an enjoyable hobby for me, and an enjoyable visit for you.