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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You've got questions? I'll find answers.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good question. I like having 'I don't know that!' moments. Typically, I am then sent into the Bible or my library or the internet or even a call to another pastor in an attempt to fill the vacuum of knowledge the question has exposed. This doesn't mean I always find a good answer that satisfies the inquirer, but I give it a good try and enjoy what I learn along the way.

All that being said - it is in this thread that I would welcome any honest question you have about life, the Bible, faith, family, whatever! I'll post my findings as a new entry for everyone to read.

So ... ask away!!!

Where's the Beef?

Gotta love that old commercial. That phase seemed to get a laugh no matter what context it was used. Essentially though - 'Where's the Beef?' means - what's the point? the central issue? the core of what we're talking about? the REAL problem? (the point of a hamburger isn't the bun or the cheese or the lettuce or ketchup ---- it's the BEEF! mmmmm beeeeeeefffff)

I recently asked myself "What's the beef?" with the church gatherings. What's the point of it? Just to hang out or eat or do work projects or share Bible verses & sing a few songs?

I have decided that the reason for these gatherings is resource consolidation. Kinda like the loose change in your pocket and how isn't enough to impact your appetite (yes, I'm still on the diet) since it's barely enough to buy a paper and a coffee. But, combine all the loose change from drawers, the car, laundry room etc - then maybe you can take your wife out to dinner - THIS makes an impact.

See, now I, for one, have never seen a penny not worth picking up. It doesn't matter if it is in a busy area, on the street, beside someone's foot or discarded on a counter (unless it's someone's tip - I don't take tips from servers). I've always felt that each penny was useful, not because of it's value alone - but because of it's value when combined with others. Find enough pennies, and you can go buy a book or a cd or go see a movie - lots of things.

In the same way anyone who isn't a part of 'the church' is also a person who isn't likely to make a spiritual (or eternally significant) impact on the world around them - but - put them all together, and they - like Gideon's Army - can change the world! And every penny counts, even the penny that your life represents! There are actually a number of scriptures that talk about 'gather the people', 'call an assembly', 'they all met together' - and it seems that when this happened, great things followed. Most notable of these events is Acts 2 when the church was given it's power to impact the planet.

I'm just happy to be a penny for the church, if it goes towards making difference in this world - then it's definately worth it.

Giving my 2 cents ....


Monday, July 23, 2007

Too much all at once

Have you ever attempted too much all at once? I just did - this weekend ... and boy am I paying for it!

I went to visit the doctor last week. No particular reason except to have a basic physical and open my file with him. Everything was fine until I stepped on the scale 189 ... that's right ... 189!!!! Now, for many of you - 189 is no big deal, except, I'm a little guy! I'm not sure that I'm even 5'9" - there's no way that I should be on the cusp of 190. So, while sitting in the examination room. Patiently. Patiently. Patiently. (btw - I know why they call me a 'patient' when I visit) All I can think about is that I have gained 15 lbs in the last 15 months - and that this is a trend that really needs to be curtailed before the year 2019 (I'd be 50 years old - still 5'9" but weighing 333 lbs at my current pace).

Then Dr. Brown enters the room and asks how I'm doing.

"189" I answer.

He looks at me, puzzled.

"I weigh 189. That's close to 190. A number that should never be staring at me from the tips of my toes - maybe someone else's - but not mine!"

Unfortunately, things get worse. My cholesterol level is high. My triglycerides are high. He begins to ask me questions about fatigue. He looks at my fingernails. He's wondering about my thyaroid. I'm going on a diet.

There - I said it. Good thing too - since he had already photocopied a diet plan for me of foods I'm permitted to eat or not. I'm going to excersize.

There - I said that too. He liked the idea - but - not just a casual walk - a real jog (I won't speed walk - it just makes me look silly. If a man is going to excersize - he must excersize like a man)

So, this all happened last Wednesday. I cut out all snacks. I cut out all sweets. I went jogging. I didn't have coffee all weekend (not part of the diet - it just happened). I ordered from the 'healthy choices' section of the menu. I woke up Sunday morning with a hang-over (k - I don't really know what a hang-over feels like, but it felt like someone had transferred all 189 lbs of my body weight into my head - I couldn't lift it. And then, came the headache - oooooh the headache.) Of course, this was Sunday - but not just any Sunday - this was the Sunday my Music Pastor was on vacation and guess who had to preach AND lead worship? Me.

Suffice to say, it is Monday afternoon - and I still have the headache! Clearly, I've attempted too much all at once. Preaching, leading worship, (did I mention I took my dash of the car apart? nevermind - that's another blog for another day), dieting, de-caffinating.

Bottom line is - from now on I'm going to try to watch my waistline the same way I watch my salvation. This means, do all in moderation. I wouldn't go out tomorrow to ER in the hospital to begin my healing ministry - so - why am I trying to win the Boston Marathon as I go for a jog? I'm going to watch my spiritual steps and my good health steps in the same manner - with common sense and wisdom.

God, please help me with BOTH!