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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

They took my trash!!!

This is an exciting day for me!

Last night, I put out the garbage, and this morning someone came and took it all away! Can you believe it! They took it ALL!!! Ever since being in Bible College and having to carry my trash down the hall it seems that garbage has been a problem for me. In New York we had to put the trash in a dumpster that would often be full to overflowing because the whole church used that dumpster. In Sharbot Lake we had to put a tag on each bag (a tag cost $1 each) and a local guy would collect them every Saturday - of course, if I didn't have any tags or didn't catch that guy before he passed by, that meant garbage sat in our laundry room for an extra week. In Oshawa the trash was only collected every 2 weeks, with limits as to how many bags they would accept - great for the environment, not so great for a family of 5 with stinky diapers that really can't wait 2 weeks to be collected!

Garbage troubles ... no more!

Because last week I finally gave in an signed our household up for garbage collection (I had been dumping it at the church dumpster ... old habits die hard!). They sent me a garbage can that is big enough for 3 garbage bags that they will empty every week!

Have you ever had something become important to you that you never thought would be significant? I know it's kinda crazy - but even a simple thing like trash collection is another reason I'm feeling so 'at home' in Liberty - trash collection is like how I remember growing up. We should never discount the familiar things that comfort us - in fact - the familiar things help provide a foundation that allows you to do the spectacular.

What familiar things do you have that perhaps you take for granted? They may seem trivial, but, then again, they may be the things that keep you happy and grounded so that you can excel in other areas of life.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jib Jab in Jeopardy?

One of our family's favorite stops is the Jib Jab Hot Dog Shoppe. We can eat there for under $15 and all be full. Now, what we are full of ... that we're not so sure about, but as a parent I'm just happy they are full and content and the outing is cheap.

jib jab

I always figured they had to be doing great business because they were one of the few establishments that refused plastic. If you wanted to buy a hotdog and fries with a cherry coke, it had to be cash. There have been a few times where I got there only to find I'm out of cash! This led to a quick trip to my bank to withdraw a quick $20.

Only a restaurant with a product so good can afford to risk me avoiding the eatery because I am unwilling to first stop at an ATM. The other example of this that I know of is Tim Hortons (in Canada, this isn't the case in the US). At Tim Hortons, it's cash or foggettabbotit! But, we still go get the cash because where else can we rrrrroll-up-the-rrrrrim or get that great coffee & warm, toasted, buttered bagel! No where is it quite like Timmy's.

It's the same thing with Jib Jab. Until last month! Jib Jab has given in! Either that, or their business must be sliding down the wrong side of economic mountain. What a shock for me to see (as I pulled out my $20) that I could have used my debit card. Of course, after going to the trouble to getting the cash, I used it.

All I know is that for some reason Jib Jab must have compromised for a reason - and if it's because of poor business, it's time for all of us around Interstate 80 and Ohio 11 to unite and reacquaint ourselves with the delightful delicacy called the Jib Jab Hot Dog!

Save Jib Jab! Save the family on a budget who wants to eat out! Save the world!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Update on Siberia

Thanks so much to all who prayed for Ilya Bantseev, the missionary to Siberia, who is trying to have their church roof repaired. Work on the roof began on Monday - and they have 10 days to complete the task with the blessing of the mayor of the city. That's right - the mayor!

Their neighbor, Sergei, who they are praying comes to salvation, wouldn't give them permission to put the crane on his property, so the mayor stepped in and gave the church permission! Praise the Lord! Had the mayor not stepped in (amazing that he took the side of the church ... truly amazing and something that would not been imaginable even last year) they would not have been able to fix their roof from leaking.

It is too bad Sergei is still against the church, but God is still sovereign and seems to be really taking care of this growing congregation.

One day, I will have to have Ilya & Janet Bantseev come and share what God has done for them in their ministry in Siberia ... it is an amazing story. For now, it seems this chapter is coming to an end. Now, they are praying they get all the work done in their 10 day window and that God will continue to bless the work there.