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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jib Jab in Jeopardy?

One of our family's favorite stops is the Jib Jab Hot Dog Shoppe. We can eat there for under $15 and all be full. Now, what we are full of ... that we're not so sure about, but as a parent I'm just happy they are full and content and the outing is cheap.

jib jab

I always figured they had to be doing great business because they were one of the few establishments that refused plastic. If you wanted to buy a hotdog and fries with a cherry coke, it had to be cash. There have been a few times where I got there only to find I'm out of cash! This led to a quick trip to my bank to withdraw a quick $20.

Only a restaurant with a product so good can afford to risk me avoiding the eatery because I am unwilling to first stop at an ATM. The other example of this that I know of is Tim Hortons (in Canada, this isn't the case in the US). At Tim Hortons, it's cash or foggettabbotit! But, we still go get the cash because where else can we rrrrroll-up-the-rrrrrim or get that great coffee & warm, toasted, buttered bagel! No where is it quite like Timmy's.

It's the same thing with Jib Jab. Until last month! Jib Jab has given in! Either that, or their business must be sliding down the wrong side of economic mountain. What a shock for me to see (as I pulled out my $20) that I could have used my debit card. Of course, after going to the trouble to getting the cash, I used it.

All I know is that for some reason Jib Jab must have compromised for a reason - and if it's because of poor business, it's time for all of us around Interstate 80 and Ohio 11 to unite and reacquaint ourselves with the delightful delicacy called the Jib Jab Hot Dog!

Save Jib Jab! Save the family on a budget who wants to eat out! Save the world!


Rob Morris said...

I remembered right after posting this entry in my blog that the Yankee Family Kitchen doesn't take debit or credit cards ... it's cash only! Why? cuz they don't need to take the plastic - that place is hopping from morning to night time with business. Yankee Family Kitchen is the closest thing to being able to make a bagel with bacon, egg & cheese the way they do it in New York City (note - it may be the closest thing ... but there's NO ONE who does it like NYC!)

btw - it's always less likely that i will post comments from an anonymous reader of my blog. so, if you want to increase the chances i will post your comment, let me know who you are!

Anonymous said...

JIB JAB has been in business in Girard for a long time, it was started in a place, I think it was, called Winkys. They sold burgers and fries. JIB JAB is always busy no matter what time of the day it is just, go by the Jones'
and you will see all the cars at the hot dog shop from their porch/deck. The one in Hubbard at Truck World is busy too. I sure hope that the owners are right and that JIB JAB is here to stay for a very long time since everyone loves it so! Kathy

Anonymous said...

And dont forget,the Jib Jab in Hubbard is open 24 hours monday thru saturday,closing only sunday evenings at 9 until 7 am monday morning. fried,but the chili-cheese dogs are always on. They also have breakfast sandwiches,hot sausage,sloppy joes,and soups. :)