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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Update on Siberia

Thanks so much to all who prayed for Ilya Bantseev, the missionary to Siberia, who is trying to have their church roof repaired. Work on the roof began on Monday - and they have 10 days to complete the task with the blessing of the mayor of the city. That's right - the mayor!

Their neighbor, Sergei, who they are praying comes to salvation, wouldn't give them permission to put the crane on his property, so the mayor stepped in and gave the church permission! Praise the Lord! Had the mayor not stepped in (amazing that he took the side of the church ... truly amazing and something that would not been imaginable even last year) they would not have been able to fix their roof from leaking.

It is too bad Sergei is still against the church, but God is still sovereign and seems to be really taking care of this growing congregation.

One day, I will have to have Ilya & Janet Bantseev come and share what God has done for them in their ministry in Siberia ... it is an amazing story. For now, it seems this chapter is coming to an end. Now, they are praying they get all the work done in their 10 day window and that God will continue to bless the work there.

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