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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ministry Day 5

It's hard to believe that my time here is almost to and end. Thursday is our last day of work and I travel home Friday & Saturday. We should be able to finish raising all the walls on the 3rd and final floor of the Hope Center - then they will be able to begin finishing the wall surfaces and do the flooring.

Perhaps it is the same everywhere (including the US) - but there seems to be a huge contrast between the rich and poor. From people living in mansions to people living in absolute filth. On one hand I wonder how some can even survive here - and on the other, I wonder where they are getting all their money from.

Yet, everyone here sits under the shadow of Cristo de la Concordia. In fact there are many, many Christian symbols and churches throughout the city. Cochabamba is actually a very religious city. Perhaps therein lays the problem - Jesus is a statue, religion is a ritual & faith is a tradition. If I were to have grown up here, I can see how I could have been hard to receiving Jesus as my savior, since it seems Jesus hasn't done much for this city. But when places like the Bolivian Hope Center reveal their Jesus, He isn't a statue - He is a compassionate, caring Lord who wants to set this people free from all that entangles them.

Whether you live in the lower class or upper class, you live in a prison. Physically this is true since every home is walled and barb-wired like a prison to keep the thieves out. Spiritually this is also true since without Christ a person is trapped and unable to know the true fulfilment we are designed to experience and exemplify.

The baby camel asked the mommy camel:
"Why do I have hooves like these?" She replied, "so you can walk on the sand of the desert."
"Why do I have such long eye-lashes?" The reply ... "to keep the sand from getting in your eyes in the event of a sandstorm."
"Why do I have this big hump on my back?" She answered again, "so you can store water and travel great distances."
Finally, the little camel asked: "So, why are we in a zoo?"

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Mary Jo said...

I remember thinking the same thing when I went to Paraguay about the poor and the rich. I had pictures of mansions and pictures of cardboard box houses.

Looking forward to seeing you!