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Monday, January 21, 2008

Ministry Day 3

K - this post may be short because I have blisters and little cuts on my finger tips from working with bricks & mortar for most of the day.

Other than working on the wall today (which we finished), I had the priviledge of going to the prison to participate in the feeding program for children at suppertime. This really broke my heart. They provide 5 suppers & 1 breakfast every week to up to 105 children who live in the prison with their mothers. These children are the reason we are building the orphanage. Some were so happy - kids being kids. But others seemed so sad. It was noted that we had only about 60 kids today, so I asked where they might be. Apparently it's carnaval time somewhere in town, so many of them are likely out there alone without parental supervision. Likely they are trying to make some money for their moms. They will carry bags, aid vendors, or worse - even prostitute themselves. Ugh. Especially sad is that the child that reminded me of Abigail (her name is Anai) wasn't there today and I'm concerned she may be at the carnaval today. I'm about to cry again just thinking about it.

I am so thankful the Farthings are spearheading the building of the Hope Center. What a wonderful cause - lives are literally being saved because of this work.

Tuesday is a day off for us (my fingers are appreciative!) so I'll be a tourist and go shopping in the market and relaxing.

What a great trip I am having - thanks so much for everyone praying for me and for those who gave to this great cause.

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It's so hard for us to imagine a place where children are left to their own devices that way. I am sure you will never be the same in that regard after this trip... it's absolutely heartbreaking. I am glad you have the opportunity to shed some light on these children's lives. I will be praying for Anai and for the others as well.