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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Travel Day 1 - Missions Trip to Bolivia

Yep - that's right - TRAVEL day 1! I left Liberty at 3:30am this morning (Thursday), flew from Cleveland to Chicago (they confiscated my water from my carry-on), flew from Chicago to Nashville (they confiscated my hair gel from my carry-on ... LOOK OUT FRIZZIES, HERE I COME!!!), flew from Nashville to Miami (finally I figured out how to get my carry-on to make it through security - legally).

And in Miami is where I sit. At 11PM we fly from Miami to La Paz, Bolivia. We'll arrive at 7AM and then sit for 8 hours in the airport before flying from La Paz to Cochabomba.

I should be arriving at our final destination at about 6PM on Friday.


But, it's not without the COOLEST thing happening!

I met Bob the Tomato of Veggie Tales fame! Well, he wasn't in costume, and I didn't have the courage to ask him for 'the voice' - but I sat next to Phil Vischer on the flight from Chicago to Nashville. Phil is the creator of Veggie Tales. INCREDIBLE!

I tried not to bother him, but, everything that was in me wanted to bombard him with questions and become his friend for life! I managed to restrain myself and only act like a 25 year old, avoiding the teenage years - although I'm sure I didn't act the 38 I'm supposed to represent.

No matter - what a highlight!

Now, I want to give him a plug - if you want a book that will both bring a tear to your eye and leave you with a challenge, I recommend - Me, Myself and Bob by Phil Vischer. Check out his website at . I always thought he was a great person, and he did nothing to dissuade me of my feelings about him.

At the end of the flight, I asked him if he could do something for me and if I could do something for him. I asked if I could get a picture of him for me (see below, because he consented!), and I asked if I could pray for him (again, he consented).

In the next couple of days, you'll be praying a lot for me and those I'll be ministering to in Bolivia - perhaps you'd be willing to toss up a prayer for Phil. He's a man of God with creativity like few have known. He's trying to minister effectively to children in a way that not only rivals the world's standard, but surpasses it - because he's doing it all for God.

Thanks God, for giving me a little blessing before I even did a thing for you in Bolivia!

btw - 20 minutes after saying good-bye to Phil, i saw Russ Taff ... kinda anticlimatic though, but still cool

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