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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Planning ahead

At Christmas, there is a clear distinguishing line between those who plan ahead, and those who do not.

If you plan ahead, the days before Christmas are calm and relaxing, they are filled with adding the special touches to make the holidays extra special.

If you do not plan ahead, the days before Christmas are grey-hair producing and horn-honking encouraging!

You can tell instantly at a Christmas Eve church service those who are coming into the evening with an air of confidence because they've made their lists and checked them significantly more than twice versus those who lost their list (scribbled on a randomly chosen envelope, I might add) at Toys 'R Us 2 days ago and are hoping & praying that they didn't forget anything!

I came across an article in Yahoo! the other day that takes planning to a whole new realm ... the heavenly realm! This guy named Chet Fitch sent Christmas cards to all of his friends and relatives! What's the big deal? Chet died in OCTOBER!!!!;_ylt=Apxl7kRK1Q_LDPhRdrGSwZ3tiBIF

If you click on the link I have provided, you can read the whole article for yourself - but to summarize for you, basically he set up this ruse 20 years ago with his barber to send Christmas Cards from beyond the grave. Every year, he'd have to give the barber more money for postage, change any addresses, update his list with either additions or subtractions. FOR 20 YEARS!!!

I would have loved to have met this guy. He must have had an incredible sense of humor!

Thing is, he gave more thought to life after death and made more plans for what will happen after he's gone than we often give consideration to.

With new year's looming in a few days, I think I'll resolve to update my will, put together all my important papers - basically just put some planning into what will happen after I'm gone. I mean, if he can put that much thought into a joke - I should put more thought into the important things.

Thankfully, I'll only have to worry that all of my earthly affairs are taken care of, because I know that my heavenly ones are already planned out. I took care of those when I believed Jesus Christ was more than a baby born in Bethelehem, but that Jesus would also be my Lord and Savior.

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