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Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's all in the perspective

Its no wonder Jesus said that we need to have a child-like faith to get to heaven, children can have such a hopeful view of the world.

I had just relieved the car windows of the ice that covered them. I had just slipped around the driveway in my leathersoled shoes. I had just begun to drive the icebox we call a car on our way to church for Sunday School.

"This is the best day ever!" says my son from the back-seat.

My mind begins to race ... am I forgetting a birthday? does he think we are going Christmas shopping? did he find a stash of chocolate bars I had hidden under my seat?

Somewhat cautiously I ask, "Why is that?"

"It's snowing!"

What I considered to be a pain, was a joy from my sons perspective. He had visions of having an afternoon of building a snowman and making snowballs. I saw problems - he saw possibilities.

I guess I wonder if God is the same way? While we are complaining about the difficulties we are dealing with, He's excited because he knows that in a little while we will be able to enjoy what he is preparing for us. Maybe from our finite perspective we should consider God's infinite perspective with child-like faith ... not seeing problems, but seeing possibilities in every new day!

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