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Monday, May 12, 2008

Wonderful Sunday!

On Mother's Day, we had just a wonderful worship service.

We know that God is always there - we don't need to 'feel' His presence for us to 'know' His presence. That being said - a day like yesterday is always nice ... and necessary. As much as we know He loves us, we also need to experience Him now and then.

Perhaps we would experience Him more, if we listened a little more! (ouch ... on me!!!)

Of special bonus, was that it was Pentecost Sunday on Mother's Day. Now, normally I'm very aware of Pentecost Sunday. I think it's a shame that so many Pentecostal churches don't give that day more of an emphasis. This time, knowing the emphasis I gave the day last year and the overlap with Mother's Day, I decided months ago that I wouldn't preach on the topic of Pentecost this year.

This just makes yesterday even more special, because had I remembered it was Pentecost Sunday, I might have been inclined to lead the service as I did. But, because I didn't remember - I can honestly and truly say - the Holy Spirit was the boss and gave the directions for the day!


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