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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bolivia - Day 2

Day 2 has come to a close in Cochabamba and I'm about to hit the sack. It wasn't exactly a full day of work, but it was a full day of ministry that began when we participated in a program for the children living in the prison. A children's pastor is a part of the team and he did a number of object lessons that had the kids ooing and ahhing. After a couple of songs, we passed out candy and prizes to the children and left. It's always sad to see the living conditions in the prison and what these children know as 'normal'.

Next we went to the Hope Center to mingle with some of the 400 children which are a part of the 'Compassion' food and education ministry that is held there. It was fun playing with the kids and resuming my 'caballo' career for them.

Then it was to work - sanding the walls and putting a sealant on the walls. Tomorrow we begin painting!

I must say, the walls I built look particularly sturdy and straight!

VIDEO BLOG ... use this link -


Mike & Mary Lou said...

We'll have the Medi-vac chopper sent in....

What happened to the other glove?

The wall was lookin' good. Is it blood stained?

Mike Green said...

If at all possible could you take some detailed video of the building where the children's feeding program is housed? Maybe some indepth, behind the scenes video of all the prep, feeding, and clean up?

How is the team holding up?


Meghan said...

I know a childrens pastor that would love to have kids oohing and ahhing with her crazy object lessons.... maybe she will have to go to Bolivia next time.

Nadine Oglesby said...

It's so great to read your updates! I really wish I could be there again right now.

So, it sounds like our walls have held up! Yea for non-crumbly walls!

Well, keep Andrew in line and tell Abdid and Daniella hello for me!

Rob Morris said...

Hey Nadine! Great to hear from you - you missed an awesome trip.

Unfortunately, I'm in Santa Cruz now, and can't pass on your greetings, but I can tell you they are doing as great as ever (or better).

The wall stands! I'll post pictures.

And, as for keeping Andrew in line ... ARE YOU KIDDING ME???



Anonymous said...

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