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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reflections on a day to remember

Today, President Barack Obama took office as the 44th President of the United States of America. Certainly much has and will be written about the significance of President Obama being the first African-American President, and rightly so. But for me, as this being the first inauguration I've ever witnessed, I was most amazed by the significance of the transfer of power.

To think of it - millions voted for President Obama, but millions also voted against him - yet, on this day there really were no Republicans or Democrats or Independents - just Americans celebrating history: not history past, but history present. Not history simply because of President Obama's skin color, but history because of the ability for leadership to so drastically shift in an instant, without bloodshed but with a handshake!

In many countries, the ousted leader is lucky to leave with his or her life! Yet here we see former President Bush giving his congratulations and gracefully stepping aside with class and dignity to join other past-Presidents Clinton, Bush Sr., & Carter in the history of this great nation.

Now, before all my Canadian friends become concerned about my allegiances - allow me to clarify something ... I didn't love my daughter less when my son came along - it was easy and natural to love both. In the same way, I still love Canada. Much of who I am and the way I process life is connected to my heritage - a heritage I am proud of and thankful for. That being said, I also love America. One day, I hope to be a citizen of both great countries, who knows, maybe even in 2009!

That being said - there is something special about 1.5 million people gathering at the Washington Mall to participate in history. There is something special about a TV set up at my bank to soak in the images of a new President taking his oath of office. Businesses & schools and just about everywhere you looked stopped to see freedom in action. The people chose, and government responded as the keys to government were passed.

I wish I really were a writer. I wish I could express my emotions in words for you. All I can say is God HAS blessed America and I pray He will continue to do so forever until Jesus comes.

I also hope Americans realize their place in this world. Americans don't need to learn from the world to appease the world and be more palatable to the world, but Americans need to be leaders in the world to help raise the standard for freedom. So with that in mind - I pray President Obama is blessed with wisdom from God and a courage to choose rightly in every decision that crosses his desk.

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