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Thursday, January 15, 2009

My latest adventure

I'm an 8th grade teacher! How weird is that? I found out Youngstown Christian School (YCS) needed a Bible teacher, and I figured ... why not?

I really love teaching the Bible - but - unfortunately, I haven't figured out HOW yet. It's one thing to have information, it's another to communicate it - especially to an age group I don't typically deal with. What do they like? What works? What gets us through the curriculum?

Perhaps to some, it really wouldn't matter too much - just get through the material and give out grades. But, this is a Christian school and I have this crazy idea - that BIBLE should be a FAVORITE course, and not a drudgery. I figure if by the end of the year the students love the Bible more than when the year started, the year will have been a success!

So, the adventure begins - influence students to begin to love the Bible just as David loved it!

1 comment:

Denise said...

Hey Pastor Rob,
I was excited and thankful when I heard that you would be teaching that class. For one, because of your love for God which spills over to others. Also, you do not easily give up,which is a good quality to have when trying to come up with ways to reach 8th graders!lol
When I told my kids and couple of their friends that were over, their reply was,"He would be great as a bible teacher". So, I let you know that in hopes to encourage you in the Lord!
Be blessed and be a Blessing :)