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Monday, January 12, 2009

Digging out!

You'd think I'd be talking about all the snow we've received lately and the need to 'dig out'. Nope. See, after growing up in Montreal, it's hard for me to be either excited or concerned about 6 inches of snow!

I'm talking about digging out of the mess that my office becomes! It seems that every time I file and re-organize all my things, I never quite finish the job. THEN, seeing as I'm not quite done, I leave the foundation on which future piles of papers can be laid. Looking around my office right now I see ...

- pictures that are remnants of the missions convention
- a salt bucket that is a remnant of a kids dance number (don't ask)
- popcorn bags that are remnants of someone tidying up their part of the church
- a cowboy hat that is a remnant of a western night
- a stein that is a remnant of winning a fantasy football league
- sheet music that is a remnant of a worship service
- a bike that is a remnant of when I had no other way to get to the office
- 4 4x3 post-it notes that are remnants of a leadership meeting
- video camera that is a remnant of capturing Christmas memories
- receipts that are remnants of spending too much money last month
- chocolate that are ... well ... they'll be gone soon, nevermind them!

and - this is only 1/2 my office!!!

Anyone have any helpful tips for me???

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Anonymous said...

I use a plastic drum liner and a shovel.