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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Rob & Tim Show - Episode 6

And so it ends. It was a wonderful week of ministry at the Bolivian Hope Center. We were able to finish painting 2 floors of the Hope Center (and a bit of the 3rd) as well as raise the front walls of the center up to a more secure level. Not only was it a great week of construction, but the opportunity to minister to the children through the feeding program and playing with them in the playground was a time that will never be forgotten, either by the children or by us!

I'm so thankful Mary, Meghan, Danielle, Dale & Tim were able to be a part of this great week - but I'm also thankful to the many of you who have either given financially or prayerfully to the Bolivian Hope Center or this missions trip.

There is so much work left to be done, so until God opens the door for us to go again to Bolivia, please continue to give financially and prayerfully to the Bolivian Hope Center. If you want more information about the Center, I have listed a link to their website for your convenience.

There are more stories to be told of our adventure, and more pictures and videos to be shown, so please continue to visit this blog! But, until then, we have for your viewing pleasure, the final episode of The Rob & Tim Show!

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