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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Rob & Tim Show - Episode 3

Today was an off-day for us. No sleeping in, but a fun day of sight-seeing in the morning and resting in the afternoon. Unfortunately we lost our internet connection in the afternoon as someone in the local area cut the fiber-optic cable. I am surprised it is fixed already!

We went to the JesuCristo de la Concordia that is in the center of the city. I've been there 3 times now, but it's always a sight to behold. Then we went shopping at a jewelry store. There are 'Bolivian Etaphs' there which are beautiful and expensive anywhere other than Bolivia.

Then we just rested in the afternoon. Tomorrow is a big day as we want to finish painting the 2nd floor and build a wall at the front of the Hope Center. I'm also planning on taking a lot of video of the children tomorrow so you can see exactly why supporting the work at the Bolivian Hope Center is so very important.

Now, here is Episode 3 of the Rob and Tim Show! enjoy!

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