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Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July, 2008

I don't know how many times I've been involved in a church-type of event where we have planned/hoped for a full-house only to be disappointed. Clearly, I've just been involved in the wrong type of events!

Only July 4th we figured it would be fun to have a fireworks display at the church. I mean, we are LIBERTY Assembly located in LIBERTY Township and going with a church tag-line of 'My Freedom Place'. What better place to have fireworks than right at our church!

We did the usual - did all the free community paper ads we could find, made post-card flyers that we delivered to the homes in the neighborhood. But, that's about it - other than word of mouth.

We had a MINIMUM of 200 cars show up for the evening and assuming an average of 3 people per car (and I suspect that is a low estimate) - that means we had at least 600 people! I'm guessing that the max number would have been around 900 so realistically 700 is a good, realistic estimate.

Sure we didn't preach a sermon. We didn't hand out tracks. We didn't even give away any food (we sold it!). But we did do one thing - instead of people driving by our church in their typical auto-pilot state, they will now drive by our church thinking 'that's where we saw those 4th of July fireworks'.

I hope we can keep doing things that put our church back on the community map! If we are on their map, maybe they will stop in some time!

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Anonymous said...

The 4th of july fireworks was just what the doctor ordered. the whole night was a blessing. my entire family 22 of us went. we seen everyone elses fireworks all around us also. The night brought back found memories of my dad as well. it was great!

Thank you.