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Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Idol Throws a Curve

First off - I can't claim to be an American Idol (AI) junkie. I don't rearrange my schedule so that I can watch the program, I rarely get to hear all of the singers each week, I don't watch the elimination show very often, and even when I am watching AI, I'm often playing games on my laptop and only listening to the singers.

But something happened last night that got me to stop playing mindjolt and start paying attention.

It started when Mariah Carey was singing. At first, the song just seemed to have a gospel theme to it, especially when the choir robed backup singers appeared. Then, as the song neared its end, I noticed the words weren't merely 'moral' or 'gospel' ... she actually said 'Jesus' a couple of times. Now, I know extremely little about Mariah Carey. I have no idea if she is a Christian or proclaims to be a Christian or simply wants to appear to be a Christian ... but it sure did make me take notice.

While Mary Jo and I were still talking about Mariah, a familiar tune began to play ... the AI singers sang 'Shout to the Lord'! I realize Shout to the Lord is the most popular chorus in our churches today, but I didn't realize that it would be so popular of a song to not only be sung on AI, but to serve as the grand finale piece of the special 'American Idol Gives Back' episode that featured a whole lot of Hollywood and Nashville star-power.

I wasn't expecting the show to be so Christian. THAT is a curveball.

In baseball, if someone throws the batter a curve, the batter has a few options: take a swing at it, let it go because you think it's out of the strike zone.

Of course the cynics would suggest that the ending had more to do with getting the Christians to give to the cause or perhaps because the producers of AI have realized that a number of the top vocalists in their competitions this year and in years past have been Christians and therefore a large portion of their viewership are Christians so AI is simply catering to their market.

But I don't really care what the producers of AI's agenda was. I don't care what FOX's rationale for ending the show that way was. JESUS CHRIST WAS PRAISED! That's what I care about. Someone, somewhere heard that song and was encouraged. Someone, somewhere was challenged. Someone, somewhere was reminded that they need to get back to God. It wasn't a song about Allah. It wasn't a song about falling in love with a guy/girl. It wasn't about money or fame or self. It was a song that proclaimed that the whole earth should recognize that Jesus Christ is Lord.

It may have only been for a moment at around 10PM, but last night AI & FOX did it right.

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