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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Proud ... then embarrassed

It's so exciting for fans of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team to finally have a team to be proud of again. Sure, we always talk a big talk, but this year the Habs are backing it up for us fans.

After finishing the season as the top team in the Eastern Conference of the NHL, and then beating the Boston Teddy Bears in round 1 - things are looking up for the most storied franchise in hockey history as they persue a record 25th Stanley Cup championship.

But then this morning I heard news that is embarrassing as a former Montrealer - some individuals opted to celebrate their beloved hockey team's victory by torching 16 vehicles and damaging 10 buildings as they left the game last night.

Back in the late 80s and 90s championship teams' fans would riot after the series clinching game. I think it started in Chicago when the Bulls were in the midst of their dynasty in the NBA. Then, it seemed to be en vogue for other cities to copy this ridiculous activity.

"HOORAY! We just won the championship!!! Let's go break some windows!!!" How stupid.

If I could say anything to the looters I'd tell them 2 things ---

1. IT'S 2008! Championship riots are YESTERDAY. GET WITH THE TIMES

2. IT'S ONLY THE FIRST ROUND! There are 3 more rounds to go. Don't act like we've won anything yet, cuz we haven't. There are no banners hanging in the Bell Centre for 1st round victories. Anything less than a Stanley Cup isn't worth celebrating. Toronto Maples fans may be happy to celebrate winning round 1 ... but fans of the Bleu, Blanc, Rouge? I don't think so.

Well, I for 1 hope that every one of those hoodlums get caught. I understand they have video surveillance that caught much of the riot. I learned many years ago that my actions, whether positive or negative, have reprocussions. Seems to me there are some people in Montreal that need to learn that lesson.

I'm proud of my Montreal Canadiens. I love the city of Montreal. There are a few Montrealers who have embarrassed the city & team that I love.

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Mike said...

The first riot after a championship victory happened in Detroit after the Tigers won the World Series in 1984 (Kirk Gibson anyone?).

I can agree that it is only a first round series and there is no need to get crazy for that....after all, every team makes the playoffs in hockey...

I wouldn't get excited about more riots. It comes with the territory now. If only they would burn areas that need to be razed.

It's nice to see somebody excited enough about hockey to have a riot. Someday in the USA it may become a major league sport.

Have you noticed that the only hockey commercials air during hockey games?

As for Montreal beating Boston in 7 games….no big deal. I don’t think anyone noticed outside of a few hockey players….

I think the Versus channel is showing professional curling too…

Just yanking your chain….When you are the only hockey fan in the valley you have to expect that…

Rob Morris said...

Yank away! Welcome to the comments section of my blog!

I forgot about Detroit - still, it's nuts that rioting is normal. Still, it's no so normal anymore. I don't recall there being riots in Boston when the Red Sox won or in New York when the Giants won or in Anaheim when the Duck won, etc etc etc.

The Montreal/Boston series was a classic. It's too bad more people couldn't have watched it in the US, instead of it being on the obscure Versus channel.


Meghan said...

Can we get a new post, inquiring minds want to know.... something, anything!