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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Somethin' to pray about

During the week of August 6-10, the Assemblies of God will be electing a new General Superintendent (GS). Some may jokingly call the 'winner' of this election the Pentecostal Pope! In some ways this is true, not so much in other ways. For example, the GS can't re-interpret the Bible or force the rest of the individuals or churches to do or say or believe anything ... mainly because the A/G isn't a religion or denomination, but a fellowship. In a fellowship, you choose to be a part of the group, as opposed to being required to be a part of the group.

But, I digress ...

Although the GS doesn't really impact worship at Liberty A/G or any other A/G church, he or she will have a HUGE impact in setting the course for the fellowship. In many ways, our churches are at a crossroads - some saying 'a new era requires a new approach', while others saying 'let us return to our roots'. Unfortunately, these two camps seem to be beating their respective drums louder than ever - and the new GS is going to have to have the mind of God to know the beat of His (the Lord's) heart and not the sound of man's agendas and idiologies.

So, let's take some time to pray this week. Pray for God to move through our country. Pray that God will allow a group of individuals to hear the call of the Spirit and heed that call. Pray that God has His will in appointing a leader for this group of individuals. And, pray that our church be a part of a move that will prepare the hearts of people for Jesus' soon return!

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