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Friday, August 10, 2007

New General Superintendent!

Rev. George O. Wood is the new General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God. I am very pleased to have him in this position. He wasn't my personal first choice, but I can see the hand of God in this decision and I ended up voting for him. Also, Rev. Alton Garrison is the Assistant Superintendent, Rev. John Palmer is the General Secretary, Rev. John Bueno remains as Director of World Missions and Rev. Tollie Wilson comes in as Director of US Missions.

Of local interest, Rev. Doug Clay was elected to the Executive Presbytery - I believe he was the only election to unseat an incumbant.

In hindsight - I can't imagine a better group to have possibly been elected to these positions. No one knows what the 2009 elections will bring or how the world (or A/G) will change between now and then - but for now - I believe we are in God's will as a Fellowship.

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P-Rob said...

You're right that Clay was the only EP who bumped an incumbent (Charles Crank). We elected two other new EPs but one replaced John Palmer, who because gen secretary, and the other replaced Zollie Smith, the new head of USMissions. Clay's election probably was more a "reward" for his strong showing in the supe and assistant supe elections, rather than a message against Crank, who was Indiana supe for almost 30 years.