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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Praying for Siberia

I love God's perfect timing!

I just finished praying for a church in Siberia. Apparently at 9PM EST, a missionary friend of mine in Siberia is meeting with Sergei, a regional Russian m@fi@-head. The missionary, Ilya Bantseev, has seen a vision where Sergei accepts Jesus as Savior and together they team up to spread the gospel throughout Novokuznetsk!

God's timing is amazing because I checked my email with 5 minutes to spare before their scheduled meeting time. In fact, as I write this, they are likely talking! First off, they will be talking about the leaky roof the church has and the need for a crane to be in the parking lot to fix that roof. No big deal - except that in order for the crane to fix the roof, not only does it need to be in the church's parking lot, it also has to be on the neighbor's parking lot. The neighbor? You guessed it - Sergei & the m@fi@.

It could be that Sergei will try to manipulate the church and use their predicament as leverage. He may even try to entrap the church in a negotiation that leads to trouble. But, I believe God is in this! Just as God had me log-on to my computer at the perfect time to be able to pray, God has set up their meeting at the perfect time for His will to be done.

Likely, you are reading this after their meeting is over - but - would you still do the Kingdom of God a favor? Please pray for Ilya & Janet Bantseev & the church in Novokuznetsk, Siberia, Russia that they are able to repair the roof to their church. But, more importantly, pray for Sergei! Either he is a newborn baby Christian, or he is someone who is wrestling with God at this very moment!

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Rob Morris said...

Update: there hasn't been a breakthrough as of yet. that means we can all keep praying for Sergei as well as for the new roof the church needs.