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Monday, February 18, 2008

"I have a dream!"

were the words of Martin Luther King as he rallied the throngs in a speech that echoes to this day.

I have a dream too, and it's to see the Montreal Canadiens return to supremacy as the best team in the National Hockey League while simultaneously seeing the Toronto Maple Leafs flounder in the cellar of the standings.

Sure, sure, there are so many more wonderful and meaningful dreams I could have - like world peace or a cure for cancer or the eradication of violent crimes - but, I'm a simple man with a simple dream.

And slowly but surely, my dream is coming true! At this very moment, the Habs are 3rd best overall and the Maples are 3rd worst!!! How wonderful is this! So close to a dream come true!

Yet, I'm not truly content. Why is that? Is it because they are only in 3rd and not in first? Partly - but not really. The problem is ... I DON'T LIVE IN TORONTO ANYMORE!!!!

What a horrible year to live in Ohio! I have so much trash-talk to give, yet no one to receive! Where's Greg McLarty & Kevin Marchant? Where's David Moran? Where's Bonnie Palmer or Steve Olmstead? I've never missed these die-hard Maples fans more in my life!

So, I have an addendum to my dream ... not only do I want to see the Canadiens in 1st place and the Maple Leafs in last place - I also want all of these people to call me on that day and admit that the Habs are indeed not only Canada's team - but the marquee hockey franchise in the NHL, nay ... OF THE WORLD!!!!


Anonymous said...

I know that you are a BIG Hab's fan but I think that just maybe you have jinxed them with your rant.I have heard through the grape vine that Sundin is to be traded to the Hab's. How can you call yourself a Hab's fan when in a previous blog, you denounced Canada because of the cold. Montreal has about three feet of snow at the present time,isn't Montreal the home of the Hab's?


Rob Morris said...

The problem with the Maples was never Sundin - the problem was they never gave him anyone good to play with. The Maples are like the Yankees of baseball (except the Yankees win) - they spend their money on over-the-hill, aging superstars.

Sundin would be a great fit in Montreal, as long as the Habs don't overpay for him. The Habs haven't had a dominant center since ... well ... hmmm ... it's been a long time!

As for me denouncing Canada? Never! I love Canada. I just prefer to live in the US. Montreal is the greatest city on the planet. Sure Montreal is cold and full of snow ... but the fact that Montreal is great inspite of the overwhelming obstacles the city must hurdle, is just another testimony to Montreal's greatness!

This endorsement has been paid for by the "Ville de Montreal Departement de Tourism - Montreal ... don't move here, just visit Campaign"

Anonymous said...

Well Rob Your Canadians are doing well for now but just like the year before the walk out when I saw them drop four straight to the Lightning to once again make an early exit from the playoffs, this will be there future again. But the worst is that the want to trade their future for a shot in the dark. At the present the Leafs are doing it right and rebuilding and if the can get so draft pick for Sundin then watch out. So don’t make plans to buy another little Stanley cup trophy for Lord Stanley’s Cup will not becoming to Montreal any time soon. With out good goaltending i.e. Patrick Roy Montreal will not see the cup again. At least the leafs have one of the best if not the best goalie in the minors in Justin Pogge. So our future looks bright I wish I could say the same for les Canadians.
Kevin Marchant

Rob Morris said...


i was wondering if i'd drag up one of the most die-hard Maples fans i know!

how's it going, Kevin!?

love your comment - i guess the future will determine whether you are right about my Habs or not. at least the Maples seem to have finally figured it out that you can't make a run for the cup every year, and that a rebuilding time is in order. i sincerly doubt Mr. Gainey will mortgage the future on a player like Sundin (ala Mr. Ferguson on Owen Nolan).

i'm just happy that the Habs will be 'Canada's Team' once again!

;) hehe