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Sunday, November 15, 2009

That worked out well!

K - last Sunday I must have REALLY gone off notes! Actually, I know I went way off notes since I only had a scrap of paper with no more than 40 words on it, yet I still managed to preach for 40 minutes - and I definitely didn't say 1 word per minute.

So, this means I must have gone heavy with the personal stories ... and I did. But boy did it ever pay off! I told the story of the previous posted blog 'That's my pastor' and suddenly, people start posting all over my facebook wall 'That's my pastor!'. It feels so great to be loved.

Then, I told a story of my son not sharing his chocolate bar with me. It worked as an illustration and made the point I wanted it to. What I didn't count on is the response ... I've been bombarded with gifts of KitKats & Hershey bars all week! It's been AWESOME!!!!! I don't even think I can eat it all - I may have to share!!!

Honest. I wasn't vying for compliments or candy when I told the stories I told in the sermon! But, if everyone's goal to show their appreciation for me - you've hit the mark.


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