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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Less than advertized

"Can I try it?" my daughter asks.

"No. I waited 38 years for this - so - you can wait a few more!"

Believe it or not - this afternoon was the first time I ever carved a pumpkin. Really!

Some of our neighborhood families get together every year to have a mass pumpkin carving/painting party. Today was the perfect weather for this outdoor adventure. But, I was soon to find out that although the event was billed as being for the kids - really - all they did was assume the 'Project Manager' position as they directed us parents to assemble the appropriate paint pallette or outline their dream pumpkin face.

"I wanted teeth in the mouth" says my son.

"But - I did put teeth in the mouth!"

"There's none on the bottom!"

Ugh. Fine. I guess the mouth is about to get just a little bit bigger.

"It's a cat!" my daughter says.

"So - you want itty bitty cat eyes and a tiny ROUND nose???"


"I'll try."

At the end of the day - I didn't feel much like Martha Stewart creating and artistic masterpiece.

Martha always makes everything look like such fun. Everything is neat and orderly. The finished product is always spectacular. And everything is cleaned up and ready for display by the end of the 30 minute program.

Maybe she'd like to borrow my kids! THEN it might be a reality TV show!

Nothing is ever as good or as easy as advertized. Well - almost nothing.

As much as I am disappointed in my effort (you'll note that pictures of my work are NOT being provided for your amusement) - I don't really think my kids minded so much!

In a world that consistently gives us less than they promise, when I spend time with my family - it seems that things are always BETTER than I anticipated. Just like a story always gets bigger and better the more it is repeated - I think today will get bigger and better in my memory, and the memory of my kids. The pumpkin I got stuck up my fingernail, the sticky goop I spilt on my pants, the paint that got on the kids clothes, the carving that looked more like a 'how-not-to' demonstration - none of it really matters.

We had a great afternoon.

Better than advertized!

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